Our Services

What We Offer

Landley Integrated Solutions set up schools from scratch to meet the highest
standard of any curriculum chosen by the school. This involves the School’s structural image, Administrative procedures, aesthetics, and technology and classroom facilities.

We provide the best quality branding to schools; we attend fairs, exhibitions on behalf of our clients for school growth and adequate publicity.

  • We meet the ever-increasing challenges of schools on recruitment of professional and passionate
    staff members.
  • And we work with you to become a world class institution in all facets of your operation.

With the Landley popular quality of excellence, any school marketed by the (LIS)
team will be sought after because we believe in excellence and only associate our name with institutions that are serious about the quality of service they seek to provide. Top amongst our deliverables is an increase in population.

We create “content” for social media marketing; we attend and expose schools to fairs, exhibitions, summits etc.

We handle internal and external communications with regard to enrollment.

Recruiting and training staff (teaching and administrative staff) who are qualified,
experienced, and smart, speak clearly and are capable of delivering the job at the highest  standard of the curriculum the school follows.

Training of all staff members in a unique way and manner with which to respond to existing and prospective parents. Every staff is an ambassador of the school and they must portray this at all times.